Unique Guest Book Ideas

What happens after you come home from your honeymoon, pour over your photographs and organize your new gifts? You read the thoughtful words from your guest book and reminisce about your fabulous wedding of course.

If you are looking to liven up your reception guest book, check out Just Planned Events’ 10 Unique Ideas for Guest Books!

#1 Polaroid Signature

Instead of a simple signature, offer guests a polaroid camera next to the guest book for everyone to take a fun selfie to accompany their message.

#2 Word Love

Use a dictionary and have your guests circle a word that describes the happy couple and leave a little message as to why they chose it. Personalize the dictionary cover and use it as the perfect coffee table!

#3 Advice Jar

A classic switch up from signing a guest book is to have a notes for guests to write different advice and tips on a successful marriage. Have them place the notes in a jar and open them with your significant other on your first anniversary.

#4 Match the Theme

Do you have a specific theme for your wedding? Guest books are a perfect opportunity to bring your theme to life. If you are having an 80s inspired wedding, have guests sign records with gold paint pens. For a holiday time wedding, leave out ornaments or holiday decor for guests to sign for your first holiday as a married couple.

#5 Wedding Tree

If you are big on nature or you just want to show your appreciation for your guests being a part of your love life, create a tree and have the guests sign the leaves with the couple name in the roots. Keep it fun by using hearts instead of leaves!

#6 Home Decor

Skip the trip to the home decor shop and create a sign with your new monogram. Have guests write on the sign and use it as decor for your first home.

#7 Worldly Fun

Love to travel with your partner? Buy a thrift store globe and cover it with chalkboard paint. Have guests sign with chalkboard paint pens and suggest a destination you can visit. Look up fun sayings to write on the globe, such as “So the adventure begins” or “You mean the world to us.”

#8 Stamp of Approval

Order a large poster and ink pads and have guests put their thumbprints on the poster with their signature underneath. Personalize the poster with an image of the couple or your wedding monogram.

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#9 Cheers to Us

If you love to celebrate occasions, a bottle of wine is the perfect pairing for a first, second or tenth anniversary party. Buy a bottle of your favorite wine from the year you are getting married and have guests sign a personalized label.